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We will be happy to involve you in the selection of plants if you have special requests or needs. Our team can guide you and offer you species recommendations based on the conditions of the site (e.g. type of soil, slope of the land, wind corridors, presence of other plants, sunlight conditions, technical constraints, building features), along with their hardiness, ease of maintenance and aesthetic appeal.

Thanks to various grants and partners, including many municipalities in the Montreal metropolitan region, GRAME can offer you this turnkey project at a low cost with the environmental goal of urban greening. In addition, since GRAME is a registered charity with the Canada Revenue Agency, our services are exempt from consumption taxes.
You can plant trees from April to December, depending on the year.
A typical planting consists of several steps. GRAME takes full responsibility for this: a field visit with you or a member of your team, a personalized quote and brief design plan, signing of the commitment letter, species selection, planting plans, planting completion, tree warranty and subsequent follow-up. Please note that each of our turnkey packages also includes the cost of the required plants and planting materials.
Let our specialists show you how your space could be used to create a more pleasant environment for your employees. You will be surprised at the number of trees you can accommodate on your property. In addition, trees planted in groups grow better and allow you to define the space to create relaxation zones for your employees.
The ICI, on verdit! campaign aims to increase the number of trees in urban areas: if your site can only accommodate a few trees, but they make a difference in the environment where they will grow, GRAME will partner with you!
GRAME also carries out greening projects with organizations that do not necessarily have the financial resources to do the work. In these cases, we match them with companies committed to giving back to their communities. As such, you can collaborate by providing the necessary funds and/or labour (volunteer employees who have planting experience with our team of planters) to carry out these projects. Contact us for more details and to get our team to match you with a project!

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