The benefits

Trees wish you well

Well-rooted qualities!

Trees have been shown to provide numerous benefits to both people and the planet. Discover some of the myriad benefits of greening your site.

Decreased Noise Pollution

Trees mask noise pollution, helping provide you with a quieter workplace.

Reduced Glare

Well-placed trees can reduce excessive light in work areas.

Reduced Heat

Trees cast shade which reduces indoor ambient temperatures making your workplace more comfortable for you and your employees.

Purified Air

Trees filter out airborne pollutants and capture dust which helps to improve your workplace’s air quality.

Improved Rainwater Absorption

Trees capture rainwater, helping reduce the risk of flooding and sewer overflows on your property.

Illness Prevention

Trees have been shown to have therapeutic effects and play an important role in preventing lung, cardiovascular and mental illnesses.

Improved mood

Trees promote well-being by creating welcoming spaces for your employees to exchange ideas and recharge their batteries.

Increased Performance

The presence of trees helps boost your employees’ productivity and creativity.

Reduced Cooling Costs

Trees can significantly reduce air conditioning and heating costs when planted in strategic locations.

Enhanced Aesthetics

Trees beautify your building and site, making your organization more attractive to potential clients and future employees.

Increased Property Value

Trees can help to increase the resale value of your property

Contribution to the Community

Planting trees is a great way for your organization to have a positive impact on the surrounding community and demonstrates the value you place on sustainable development.

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