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The project

Bell Canada was required to replace three ash trees affected by the emerald ash borer on its Dorval property. However, they were won over by our proposal for a personalized landscaping project, and by the potential savings they could realize through our ICI, on verdit! campaign. Consequently, the company decided to go all out: 135 trees from about 20 different species!

Following an inaugural speech from the Mayor of Dorval, more than 64 Bell employees took the opportunity to participate in a team-building activity by planting with us. From now on, employees will benefit from a clearing created around an area designed for yoga practice. In addition, flowers, texture and colours enhance the barbecue area, while trees planted near the parking lot help limit heat islands. What a great way for the company to improve the working environment of its employees!

Project Details

  • DATE(S)June 27, 2018