Project Description

Sisters of Saint Anne motherhouse


The project

The Sisters of Saint Anne entrusted the GRAME team with the task of selecting and planting more than 116 trees on their property in Lachine. Among the trees planted are about 40 fruit trees that were cleverly integrated into the existing century-old orchard while considering the needs of future generations.

The residents were charmed by the freshly planted trees, moved by the new life GRAME breathed into a place they already loved. GRAME enhanced the beauty of the site and warmed the hearts of the residents, who now want to enjoy the outdoor spaces around them even more. The landscaping plan developed by GRAME will also allow locals to enjoy this quiet and peaceful place for many years to come, as the site is expected to change vocation in the future, to become a multi-purpose development featuring mixed dwellings and including a public park

Project Details

  • DATE(S)May 24, 2018